Being a photographer to kusuma is about part of his life. Every click of shutter is a best moment to him. The moments full of joy, laugh, tears, happiness which what He feels about it.
What he loves being a photographer is about:
  • fun is about enjoyment and pleasure
  • Moment is about memory of your life.
  • Capturing of emotion is about expression, mood and personality.
He is a professional, fun, patience, hard worker and love to work with new idea. Delivering the art work is top priority of his job. 
He understands that capturing the best moment is just about one second which he tries to make it happens. Kusuma’s special strength is his ability to control lighting, directing and finds the emotion of the subject.
He loves to have friendly conversation to reveal clients personalities to deliver the best result that he can achieve.
Now Kusuma lives in New York City
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